Backsliding and Its Cure

Psalm 73

The surest way to backslide - doubt the goodness of God. The surest way to doubt the goodness of God - look around at the “success” of the wicked.

  • “We are poorer than they are” - vv.3
  • “We are weaker than they are” - vv.4
  • “We have more problems than they do” - vv. 5
  • “We are sicker than they are are” - vv. 5
  • “They are wicked and get away with it.” - vv. 6-12

When we look at the lost this way, it’s easy to think it’s all in vain, that God is not keeping his end of the bargain, and that the whole Christianity thing is pointless. (13)

Sometimes, Christians have MORE, not LESS problems than the world (14)

How do we snap out of this?

  1. We go to church (17)
  2. We think about their coming judgment (18-21)
  3. We remember the reward of our relationship with God (22-24)
  4. We trust in God and worship (27-28)